BSA Troop # 799

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Quick Overview of Troop 799

Meetings: We meet every Monday evening in Eaton Hall at Trinity United Methodist Church in the west end of Richmond.  Meetings start at 7:00 and end at 8:30. All are welcome—especially parents!  There is lots of activity (aka controlled chaos) at meetings.  We try to get a lot done plus have a great time.  Scouts should come to every meeting in uniform with their Boy Scout Handbook.


Campouts: We camp every month, and Scouts will want to participate. See the troop website and calendar, plus ask your Scout to remember announced events and bring home any handouts for you.  Every Scout in Troop 799 should plan to attend Summer Camp.

Vision: The vision of Troop 799 is for Scouts to learn life lessons and leadership skills through fun outdoor camping experiences while implementing the patrol method and advancement.  

Fees: The annual registration fee for the 2015 charter year is $60 for the first Scout and $48 for each additional scout in a household.  This pays for Council services, insurance, and Boys Life. Every campout, with some exceptions, has an associated fee of $25, which includes food, any reservation fees, and transportation costs. Adults are not charged for campouts. If money is an issue that may keep a Scout from participating in an event, talk to the Scoutmaster—really.

Leadership: Troop 799 is a boy led troop.  The Senior Patrol Leader—an elected youth position—is charged with moving the Troop along.  He is in charge of the Patrol Leader’s Council which is comprised of other youth leaders who assist him in the planning and execution of meetings and campouts. The Scoutmaster, his staff, and the Troop Committee provide adult oversight.  Your Scout will be in a Patrol with an elected Patrol Leader (or Troop Guide(s) if crossing over from Cub Scouts).

Advancement: Your Scout will work with an Assistant Scoutmaster and Troop Guides to learn new things and advance through the scout ranks. In addition, a New Scout Weekend is planned each spring to help with advancement. Everything your Scout and you need to know about advancement to First Class is in the Boy Scout Handbook.

Safety: Adult and youth leadership are fully committed to Scouting being a safe environment. There are a number of policies and procedures in place to insure that your Scout is safe.

Gear: The troop has tons of gear. Your Scout needs to only be concerned about his personal gear. See the Boy Scout Handbook for the “10 Scout Essentials” and the suggested Personal Equipment List.

Scout uniform: Short sleeve uniform shirt—with green shoulder loops, Heart of Virginia Council strip, short or long uniform pants (or ‘Switchback’ pants), official web belt (if not included in Scout pants), Scout socks, neckerchief slide. We’ll provide one Troop 799 number strip upon joining the troop and a Troop 799 neckerchief when your son completes Scout Rank.  At summer camp he’ll be issued a Troop 799 Summer Camp t-shirt.

Information: You will receive email updates on troop events.  Please check the Troop 799 website for the troop calendar, updated troop information and also to sign up for upcoming campouts and events.

Adult participation: There are many ways that you can help the troop, and there are lots of things that need doing.  Ask any of the adult leaders for advice on how you can best help out. Boys with involved parents tend to succeed.

??? or !!!: Scouts should contact their Patrol Leader or Senior Patrol Leader (Andrew Kossan, Scouts and parents are encouraged to contact the Senior Patrol Leader, Scoutmaster (Graham McInnes,, or Committee Chair (Marc Tufaro, All comments, concerns or suggestions are welcome.

Troop Website:

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.

Troop 799 is here to do what’s best for your Scout.




Created by the Troop 799 2015–2016 PLC

Vision: The vision of Troop 799 is for Scouts to learn life lessons and leadership skills through fun outdoor camping experiences while implementing the patrol method and advancement.  

Goals for 2017–2018:

  1. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!
  2. All Patrols attain honor patrol at least once
  3. Recruit 7+ new youth members
  4. Increase participation each event to 50% per event
  5. Keep patrol boxes and troop gear well equipped, clean, and organized at least 1 week prior to events
  6. Keep 100% of troop informed through multiple methods of communications
  7. Encourage thriftiness through utilization of troop resources
  8. Designate time at each PLC meeting to discuss goals
  9. Keep a balance of activities to include all levels of experienced Scouts.